Q.: What do you charge?

A.:  That is the first question couples always ask. 

There are many variables for every wedding such as location, date, time and complexity of the ceremony.

If you email or call us with the particulars of your wedding, we will be able to tell you the fee amount.

Q.: Where do we get a marriage license?

A.: At your local county clerks office. Links to their websites are located in the "Links" section of this website.

If you are located outside of the central Texas area, please contact us and we will assist you with locating your local Clerk's office.

Q.: What type of ceremonies do you perform?

A.:  We perform traditional weddings, non-traditional weddings, commitment ceremonies and renewing of wedding vows.

Every ceremony takes on the style and sentiment of the couple, whether it is formal or informal, spiritual or secular, long or short.

Q.: What does the officiant wear to our ceremony?

A.: We usually wear a black pant/skirt suit with a collared shirt OR a black minister robe.

Q.: Do you perform commitment ceremonies?

A.: If we have the date available, yes. We have performed numerous commitment ceremonies in and around the Austin area. We also include a signed Certificate of Commitment.

Q.: Do you travel outside of Austin and is there a fee?

A.: Yes, we do travel. Yes, there is a fee.  Please contact us for detailed fees.

Q.: Should we provide you with a corsage/Boutonniere?

A.:  It is not necessary.  Some couples do give us a corsage/boutonniere to wear since we are in many of the ceremony pictures.

Q.: How far in advance do I need to book you for my ceremony?

A.: That depends on our schedule. Please contact us to check availability.

Q.: How long is the ceremony?

A.: We have found any ceremony under 7 minutes finds people looking around and wondering if they have missed something.

Anything over 30 minutes will have your guests starting to shuffle their feet.

We find somewhere in the 15-25 minute range to be just about right.

Again it all depends on your decisions. We can certainly include everything you have ever wanted in your ceremony.